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Directly opposite Bremen’s historical Altstadt, on the other side of the Weser River is the Neustadt, a popular and diverse city district divided in to 8 parts.

Each quarter within this district varies from appearance and ambiance: from the quaint cobble stone streets in the area along the river, to 3-4 story re-developed apartment buildings, to charming traditional Bremer houses spread throughout. The short distances and direct connections to the airport and city centre make this district one of the preferred for businesses and individuals alike, whose work is based at and around the Airport.

Companies such as Airbus, EADS, Brunel have a predominate presence. The historical quarter in the Neustadt also supports a number of large company sites, namely Hachez, Kraft Foods and InBev. The Werdersee, lake/river district, is a popular recreational location for locals and visitors alike, ideal for roller skating, swimming and rowing in the summer, ice skating in the winter, and lengthy walks and bike tours all year round. The Red Cross hospital and Roland-Clinic lie directly along the banks of the Werdersee. The Neustadt has impressively good public transport connections to and from the city centre, serviced by the trams lines no.1, 4, 5, 6 & 8 and buses no.24 & 26 servicing the district and can be accessed from the highway by car via the B75.

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