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Huchting lies to the south of the city, directly behind the Bremer Airport and extends to the border of the neighboring Bundesland (State) Niedersachsen. The administrative area of Huchting comprises of Kirchhuchting, Mittelshuchting, Grolland und Sodenmatt.

The residential area is individually characterized by the diverse range of properties; From high rise apartment buildings to double story family houses, to quaint dwellings and farms and with traditional flair. The Park‚ to the left of the Weser, is an expansive recreational nature reserve through which the River Ochtum flows. Lake Sodenmatt (Sodenmattsee) is also a popular location for recreational and leisure activities.

The Roland Shopping Center is the pulse of Huchting offering a large variety of shopping options. Direct tram connections (lines no.1 & 8) to and from Bremen city stop directly in front of the shopping centre where further buses await to service the local area. Access via the B75 Highway is clearly signed.

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