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Blumenthal is Bremen’s most Northern Suburb, bordering Vegesack and the Weser River. The district consists of a collection of small towns, Lüssum-Bockhorn, Rönnebeck, Farge und Rekum, all of which offer a combination of town and country living in attractive, well kept neighborhoods.

Its landscape is defined with churches, green fields and of course the river. In the summer months locals and visitors alike can travel from Bremen to Blumenthal with the ferry. The town centre offers next to everything one needs for a comfortable days shopping.

One of the most recognized architectural landmarks of Blumenthal is the old water tower. The drinking water it contains is however not sourced from the nearby Weser River as one might think, but drained from the surrounding flood plains. Blumenthal is connected with reliable public transport options to Bremen- with Train or Bus, or even the ferry in summer.

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